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  • John Beargrease

    Beaver Bay, MN

  • Peter McClelland

    I have been mushing for 23 years now and some days it feels even longer. I live in Isabella MN with my wife and 2 kids. We have White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures, where we take tourists on sled dog trips. This is, I believe, my 9th running of this race and I am looking forward to getting on the trail. I want to thank the volunteers for doing such a great job putting on the race.

    Ely, MN

  • Denis Tremblay

    Kennel located North of Montreal - over the last 25 years our kennel of 40 dogs race the mid and long distance in preparation for the 2015 Yukon Quest.

    St. Michel des Saints, Québec, CA

  • Blake Freking

    Blake was raised in Heron Lake and moved to Finland,MN in 2003 in search of the best snowfall in Minnesota. He actually began mushing in 1998 and has finished the Iditarod 3 times, in 2000, 08 and 10. He was the 2004 Beargrease Marathon Champion and finished the 1000 mile Yukon Quest in 2005. He has a degree in Mechanical Drafting and Design and has been employed as a technician by the U.S. Forest Service since 2004. He is married to Jennifer who also ran the Iditarod in 2008. Blake is a member of Lake County Search and Rescue.

    Finland, MN

  • Cindy Gallea

    I am a 62 year old nurse practitioner, mother of 2 wonderful adult sons, and a long time dog musher.  It is my love of sled dogs, the outdoors, and being active that prompt me to continue to run and race sled dogs.  Having lived on the North Shore in the late 70's and 80's, it is always wonderful to return and run in the Beargrease.  I have run the Beargrease a number of times, my first finish having been in 1995.  I most recently ran the Beargrease in 2005 and 2009;  I finished 5th in 2005.  This year, the Beargrease will help me to continue my training for Iditarod which I will be running in March for my 12th time.  Thanks to all of those who keep the Beargrease alive!

    Wykoff, MN

  • Nathan Schroeder

    Beargrease is my favorite race. I gave up my youth and everything that goes along with it for my team and dogsledding! My dogs have built a life for me that I will never regret. I was born and raised on the Iron Range of Minnesota, I work in the mines. I'm married and have 3 children all under 4, the timing is right for me to race Iditarod 2014. I envision myself racing the Iditarod. I've been raising, racing and building this dog team for this one special moment of my life. I'm the current and 2x champion of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. My team is ready! Thank you to my sponsors: Duluth Sign, Stewart Taylor Printing,, Trail Center & Camp Chow, WestmorelandFlint, Millwright Local 1348, Union Brothers and Sisters and all of my generous supporters! Horses N Huskies is my kennel.

    Chisholm, MN

  • Shawn McCarty

    I have been running dogs for seven years and guiding trips and racing young dogs for White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures. My team is also sponsored by Tall Tails.

    Ely, MN

  • Colleen Wallin

    My Husband of 25 years Ward, Sons Ian (14) and Ero (10) live in the North woods with our Alaskan Huskies, 3 Labrador Retrievers and of course Odie the wiener dog. Our family is usually outdoors hunting, fishing, camping or just sitting out back around the fire. My handlers this year are of course Ward, Jerome Lemke and my sister Maureen who comes all the way from Dallas Texas to run our boys to and from basketball and hockey. Mike Hoff will be running our puppy team in the Mid Distance race so Beargrease is a very exciting race this year. I have participated in the John Beargrease since 1995, (The Beargrease 100) we had 9 dogs in our kennel. I love this race and am very excited to hit the trail for the solitude, and carrying on the tradition. Thanks to all the Volunteers and Sponsors that make this great event possible.

    Two Harbors, MN

  • Billy Snodgrass

    Billy Snodgrass is a single 57 year old musher from Dubois Wyoming. A fourth generation rancher he owns Continental Divide dog sled adventures out of Jackson Hole Wyoming and the Distance Dog Food Company. He has been mushing for 30 years and owns a kennel of 140 Alaskan huskies. Sometimes known as the Singing Musher, Billy often likes to belt out a a tune on the trail. He has finished 21 distance races including four Iditarods. He has won 6 mid distance races.  His best finish in the Beargrease was 6th place.  His hobbies are riding and hiking in the wilderness around his home and he plays a lot of Tennis. He has two daughters, Mati and Gusi, who grew up mushing  “ That’s how we got back and forth to town”. The Distance Dog  Food Race Teams  motto is…  “If your not having fun…Don’t Mush with me”

    Dubois, Wyoming

  • Amanda Vogel

    Amanda Vogel is originally from Bay City, Michigan, and now lives in northern Minnesota, just south of  the northwest Ontario border. Amanda was introduced to the sport of mushing in 2003, and after a few  years of learning the basics from a recreational dog sledding club, she began building a kennel that  would allow her to race professionally. Today, Amanda is the owner and operator of Snomad Racing and is one of the top competitors in  mid-distance sled dog racing in the lower 48. Her most recent achievements include being awarded Rookie of the Year, earning a 4th place finish, and passing another Iditarod qualifying race, all of which were accomplished while competing in the nearly 400 mile 2013 John Beargrease Marathon. Snomad Racing also travels for exhibitions and speaking engagements, works on TV, film, and modeling projects, and puts winter and mushing products to extreme tests for sponsors committed to making the toughest gear and equipment on the market. When Amanda is not training and racing, she is found raising pups, exploring woods and waters, and laughing with good friends. More information about Amanda and the Snomad Racing sled dogs can be found at Thank you to Snomad Sponsors - Duluth Trading Company, Howling Dog Alaska, Redpaw Feed,  UP Construction, Brockit, Inc, Dog Head Designs, Stihl, Harmony Beach Resort, Carlson's Guide Service,  All Season Equipment, Chris Rogers, Artist.

    Ray, MN

  • Keith Aili

    I have run dogs for over 25 years and my kennel is Wolf Ridge Kennel. I have won 1st place in the Beargrease Marathon, 3 time UP200 winner, 1st place Can Am crown and I have finished the Iditarod.

    Ray, MN

Beargrease 150
  • Brian Wiese

    Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, CA

  • Jerry Papke

    Journeyman Lineman for Dte Energy in the Thumb of Michigan. Racing sleddogs for several years - We have 38 dogs in our kennel. My wife and handler Ali along with our soon to be born little girl Nov. 20? Love spending time with our k-9's. We have three acres fenced in the backyard and a dog cabin where our animals rest - this includes old retired sleddogs, young immature ones and very tired race dogs in training. The dogs love to relax by the fireplace with us. A fun time on the trail was in 2011 stopping two ten dog teams at the same time. We had 20 dogs side by side with no fighting until the musher caught up to his team: )

    Kingston, MI

  • Alex LaPlante

    Esko, MN

  • Alice White

    Originally from Georgia, Alice developed a love of sled dogs at a young age. Her interest lead her North in search of somewhere she could pursue her interest in the sport. She began working with Blake and Jennifer Freking in 2008 and this year will be running a team comprised of both their dogs and her own. This will be her third Beargrease 150.

    Finland, MN

  • Dusty Klaven

    This will be my third running of the Beargrease. I absolutely love this race! When I'm not running dogs I work in the bar department at Fortune Bay. I would like to thank my good friends OLY and Shane for your help and support! Without you guys this wouldn't be possible. I would also like to thank my sponsors Zimmy's, Hibbing, MN, Frank's Marine, Orr, MN, Barn Yarns, Greaney, MN and everyone for their continuing support.

    Gheen, MN

  • Leanne Bergen

    I have been around sled dogs all my life. I did my first two dog race when I was seven or eight, my races have been getting bigger and better ever since. My dad and I run a small kennel in Northwestern Ontario. We started doing mid-distanstance races last year and are coming back again this year for more. I look forward to doing this years Beargrease.

    Sioux Lookout, Ontario, CA

  • Erin Altemus

    We have been racing for three years and recently moved to northern Minnesota to run dogs more than we already were. We have 22 dogs in our kennel. Nuannaarpoq means to take extreme joy in being alive. Last year running the Beargrease, I saw a wolf on the trail--my team and I thought this to be very exciting. My husband and I take turns racing the team.

    Grand Marais, MN

  • Michael Bestgen

    I love this race and I'm looking forward to the beautiful trails in northern MN

    St. Cloud, MN

  • Emily Meyer

    Emily Meyer is from Ashland, WI where she grew up training purebred Siberian Huskies. She has previously raced in the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race multiple times and also ran the 2010 Mid-Distance Beargrease. Emily is currently training dogs at Manitou Crossing Kennel in Finland, MN for Blake and Jen Freking. This coming fall Emily will be starting vet school at UW-Madison."

    Finland, MN

  • Billie Diver

    Rock Creek Kennels has 33 sled dogs: Retirees, athletes, and puppies. I have been running dogs since I was 7 years old and have been running around the kennel since I was about 3 years old. This will be my 7th Beargrease Half-Marathon. I look forward to yet another great race. I would like to thank all my handlers and also my sponsors Empire Canvas & Wool Company, Fond du Lac Reservation and Serenity Farms.

    Cloquet, MN

  • Tim Chisholm

    Married, two grown children, three Beautiful Granddaughters. Been at 3m 33 plus years. Still competing in triathlons, tough mudders, and swim races. Running dogs for 20 years or so. Still gets my heart racing just to see the love the dogs have for going out for a run on Sled, or ATV! AS Always thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the volunteers that make this race possible!!

    North Branch, MN

  • Frank Holmberg

    Newberry MI

    Newberry, MI

  • Zach Brown


    Signal Mountain, TN

  • Mike Hoff

    Silver Bay, MN

  • Ross Fraboni

    Ummm, My wife Kate Ratkovich got me into this 5 years ago when we went to buy her dog a harness at Ten Squared Racing. Troy and Katy were (still are) very busy with everything and asked my wife if she'd like to run it goes. In the past few years I've had the privilege of training and racing some really good dogs out of the Ten Squared kennel and have done very well so far. This will be my second go at the mid-distance Beargrease and if I don't get in the way, the dogs should have a fast run.  

    Two Harbors, MN

  • Joshua Compton

    I've been mushing sinse 2010 and have worked at several kennels in the lower 48 and Alaska. I'm looking forward to getting to race.

    Two Harbors, MN

  • Elizabeth Nelson

    I am 14 years old and have been running dogs for the past 3 years. This is the first year I have entered any races. I have 11 dogs, 7 of which are leaders and I have trained them all myself. I just finished the Voyageurs Classic Sled Dog Race on January 11. I ran it with my grandma Jamie, and my dad, Erik, and finished "safely" in the middle of them ... 2 minutes before my dad! When I am not training my sled dogs, I enjoy training my German Short Haired Pointer, Hershey, in agility. We went to the state 4-H dog show last summer and came home with the Reserve Champion ribbon after our first year of competition. I am looking forward to running the Beargrease and carrying on the Nelson name.

    Togo, MN

  • Andrew Heskin

    My kennel is Gold Hill Express and I won the Red Lantern during the 2013 Beargrease.

    Ashland, OR

  • Martha Schouweiler

    Martha has been racing for just over a decade. While becoming a grandmother makes her feel a little old  stepping on the runners makes her feel like a kid again. ...well sort of. She loves the Beargrease race  and has competed in the 150 several times. Her son and dog boss Chad will be handling. Martha occasionally updates

    Irma, WI