Cub Run Results for 2019

Musher’s Class

1st Place | Sawyer Morrow | Duluth, MN

Sawyer Morrow, age 8, is in 3rd grade at Lowell Elementary and is enrolled in Misaabekong (the Ojibwe immersion program). Sawyer started mushing last year and he has enjoyed getting back on the sled. Sawyer’s hobbies include: skiing and snowboarding, biking and building (forts, Legos and paper airplanes).

Thank you to Ryan Redington for providing a team and the opportunity for Sawyer to race in the 2019 Cub Run.

2nd Place | Taylor DeBoer | Grand Marais, MN

This is my first and last year running the cub run! Looking forward to a fun day!

3rd Place | Nicole Freking | Finland, MN

Nicole loves dog sledding with her family and finished the Cub Run in 2nd place when she was 3 yrs old. Janis is one of her very special dogs. Violet is her favorite lead dog, MiG, Butterfly, and the 3 Stooges are her favorite young dogs she is helping to train.
Nicole also loves to ski, swim, and dance.

4th Place | Nathan Nord | Milaca, MN

I’m Nathan Nord. I’m 12 yrs old and this will be my second race. (Sadly, all my other races keep getting cancelled.) I am excited to race and hope we get some snow very soon.

5th Place | Talon DeBoer | Grand Marais, MN

This is my 2nd year at the cub run! I can’t wait!

6th Place | Elena Freking | Finland, MN

Elena loves animals and especially dogs. She has been mushing her own team since she was 4 yrs old and is excited to run in her 4th Cub Run race. Booboo, Orville, Axl, Janis, and the 3 Stooges are some of her favorite dogs. Elena also loves to read, sew, and bake with her grandmother.

7th Place | Zoe Kkesser | Ely, MN

This will be Zoe’s first cub run thanks to Manitou Crossing Kennel.

8th Place | Hannah Wicks | Hibbing, MN

Hannah is an experienced musher at 10 years old and is running her own team for the second year in the Cub Run.

9th Place | Dixie Crawford | Little Falls, MN

I got to run the cub run last year and I had a great time.

I can wait to run it this year I love the dogs and the people that help with the race.

Tied for 10th Place | Conner Vanderhoof | Shell Lake, WI

Conner is 9 years old, This is His first race and he is super excited. He loves farming with his Dad and Grandparents.

Tied for 10th Place | Kaylee Gottfried | St. Paul, MN

Kaylee, age 5, is in PreK at Riverview Elementary. She is excited to participate in her second race. Kaylee loves visiting Grandma in Grand Marais and spending lots of time with her sled dogs. She has been getting sled dog rides since she was 2 months old and has wanted to help take care of the dogs since she was 2 years old.

Kaylee also loves dancing, swimming, camping, playing with her big brother and science!

11th Place | Lena Morgan | Britt, MN

Lena got her 1st husky two years ago for her birthday. She now has 6! She likes to practice running her dogs in the woods by our house. She had mushed with the family dogs since she was about 5. This will be her first race and she is really excited for it.

12th Place | Sadie Klesser | Ely, MN

This will be Sadies first cub run thanks to Manitou Crossing Kennel.

13th Place | Hazel (Jojo) Morrow | Duluth, MN

Hazel “Jojo” Morrow, age 5, is in kindergarten at Lowell Elementary and is enrolled in Misaabekong (the Ojibwe immersion program). Hazel started mushing last year and is planning to run her own team this year, without the help of her big brother.

Hazel’s hobbies include: playing outside, writing and drawing and taking care of her babies.

Thank you to Ryan Redington for providing a team and the opportunity for Hazel to race in the Cub Run.

14th Place | Xander Gottfried | St. Paul, MN

Xander, age 9, is in 4th grade at Riverview Elementary. He has been playing with sled dogs and going on rides with his Grandma since he was a baby. He is very excited to race. The Cub Run will be his second race.

Xander also enjoys reading, Minecraft, Kung Fu, play with his little sister and exploring space.

15th Place | Isabella Kivi | Solon Springs, WI

Bella is a kindergartener that enjoys being outdoors and helps take care of the chickens, ducks, and 11 dogs. She rides behind the dogs but dreams of having a horse one day. This is her first sled dog race.

16th Place | Eve Redington | Ashland, WI

Eve is really excited to run in her second cub run.

17th Place | Lumen Alfredson | Cook, MN

This is Lumen’s second year participating in the cub run. Lumens 7 years old and from Togo, MN. She wishes everybody tons of fun and smiles on the trail!

18th Place | Ella Simmonds | Carlton, MN

Ella is 11 years old in the 5th grade at Cloquet Middle School. She will be racing with her dog Hildie, whose name means “ready for battle.” Some of Ella’s hobbies are: skijoring, Downhill Skiing, piano, hockey, soccer, and playing with her dogs

Assisted Musher’s Class

1st Place | Frisco Hudak | Golden Valley , MN

Frisco is in 4th grade at St. Raphaels. Looking forward to mushing in his 1st Beargrease Cub Run with his Alaskan malamute Kona. Frisco enjoys the outdoors, skating, boating, swimming, golf, and collecting vintage/classic diecast cars. Excited to meet the other Jr. musher’s an their dogs, and have a fun day out on the trail.