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Beargrease Photo Contest 2019 Voting Rules

You may vote once for each photo so make your decision wisely!

This is tracked through IP tracking on your computer and network, so if you have multiple computers on the same network you may not be able to vote multiple times.

Winners Receive:

  1. Recognition as the winner (along with your photo) on the internet including the Beargrease website and social media outlets.
  2. A certificate signed by the photo contest coordinator as well as the Beargrease Board of Directors President.
  3. Photos may be used for Beargrease promotional materials. Including but not limited to poster, brochures, race program, website or any other advertising possibilities. By entering the photo contest you give the Beargrease permission to to use your photo in advertising and promotional materials. Photographers will be given photo credits.
  4. An invitation to enter your photos in the official Beargrease photo/art exhibit. Historically the exhibit has been held at The Great Lakes Aquarium but exhibit organizers reserve the right to change the location at any time.