The Beargrease is
Four Races In One

People tend to hear the most about the Marathon, but the Beargrease is really four races in one; the Marathon is over 300 miles and is the big race, 
but the Beargrease 120 is one of the most competitive mid-distance races in the lower 48 states.  We also have the BG 40, and a 120 mile race for junior mushers. 

The Beargrease Marathon
Start time: 10:00AM 

This is THE race!  Mushers traverse through 300 miles of hills, hills and more hills. There is a reason this race is a qualifier for the Iditarod: stamina, grit and endurance is needed for both the human and 12 canine athletes that make up each team. The race starts at Billy’s Bar, Duluth, MN on January 28, 2024 and finishes on Tuesday, January 30 at Grand Portage Lodge & Casino, Grand Portage, MN. 
Marathon Teams leave the starting chute first and have cream-colored bibs with sponsor logos. 

The Beargrease 120 Race
Start Time: 10:56 AM

The Beargrease 120 is considered by many to be one of the most competitive mid-distance races in the lower 48.  The slate of mushers in this race is equally as impressive as the marathon. The 120 race starts in Duluth, MN, on January 28, 2024, and finishes on Monday, January 29 near Finland, MN at the historic Trestle Inn. 

Beargrease 120 Teams will be in red bibs.

The Beargrease 40 Race
Start time: 12:00 pm

This race is considered a “Recreational Class” race.  Our Beargrease mushers will tell you differently.  Many mushers cut their teeth on this race, train their yearling teams, or simply enjoy a day on the trail with their beloved athletes.  This race starts in Duluth, MN on January 28, 2024 and ends later that day Two Harbors, MN.

Beargrease 40 Teams will be in green bibs.

The Beargrease 120 Junior Class Race
Starts with the BG 120

This race is perfect for junior racers to get their feet wet and run with the big dogs.  Experienced mushers are such important part of this mentorship experience. Teams that have cream-colored bibs in triple digits are our Junior Mushers!

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