Live Coverage of the

Ifan sports network

During the race the iFan Sports Network has live coverage of the start, the BG 120 finish, the Marathon finish, and several of the checkpoints in between.  iFan has covered this race and others for many years and shares deep knowledge and valuable insights into competitive mushing, and often has interesting interviews with mushers or others involved in the race. 


After the race if you feel like you just can’t wait until next year, you can always go back to the iFan archives and rewatch some of their extensive coverage of the Beargrease.

 iFan 2023 Race Start

iFan 2023 Live from Finland Checkpoint

iFan 2023 Live from BG 120 Finish

iFan 2023 Live from Trail Center Checkpoint

iFan 2023 Live from the Marathon Finish

This isn’t the place for your Sunday Best

Little blurb can go here about what to expect for the weather, and how people should generally dress. Here’s what we recommend you pack with you if you’re planning on following the Beargrease Marathon:

  • Hefty winter boots
  • Wool socks
  • Neck warmer/scarf
  • Face mask
  • About a hundred layers of thermal clothes
  • Mittens
  • Hand warmers
  • Thick, lined hat
  • Multiple layers of warm, comfy pants or leggings
  • Snowpants
  • Thick winter coat (down fill if possible)
  • Small suitcases to travel with between checkpoints
  • Other items can be listed here

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