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Marathon Mushers

Erin Altemus | Grand Marais, MN

Erin and her husband Matt have 35 dogs and a one-year-old daughter. Erin has done the marathon two times, but it has been a couple years. We have been racing for 8 years. Mush Lake Racing is located in the deep woods outside of Grand Marais, MN.

Experience: John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Race

Frank Moe | Hovland, MN

Sherri and I live in Hovland, MN with our 40 sled dogs, 2 cats and a pig. This will be our 20th year mushing and have raced both the Marathon and Beargrease 120 several times. It’s been 4 years since I’ve ran the Marathon and I’m excited to run the new route up to Grand Portage.

Sponsors: Nutrisource Super Premium Pet Food 

Ryan Redington | Wasilla, AK

Ryan Redington, 36, was born and raised in Knik, Alaska, and has been running dogs since he could reach the handle bars. Ryan and his family, wife Erin and children Eve, 4, and TJ, 3, now make their home in Skagway, Alaska and spend time in Northern Wisconsin training and racing. Ryan has run many races across Alaska and the lower 48 states. Ryan is the Champion of the 2018 Beargrease Marathon and is looking forward to running the race again as it is a great and challenging race.

Experience: John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Race (2nd Place in 2017 Race),  and 14th in the 2017 Iditarod.

Sponsors: Redpaw Dog Food, Dogbooties.com, Alaska X, AFS, Bruce and Tammy Caison, Sue and Dave McCarville, Bryan and Kay Gabbard, Laurie Thomas.

Mary Manning | Hovland, MN

I live in Cook County, Minnesota and have been running dogs for 20 years. I bought a used sled and got a “free” dog – I thought it was a cheap way to spend some time in the wilderness! My dogs and I have camped and raced from the BWCAW to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to West Yellowstone, Montana. I am thankful for the organizers, sponsors and volunteers who allow me to have amazing and wonderful race adventures!

Experience: John Beargrease Mid-Distance Race, Gunflint Mail Run, Midnight Run, Copper DogWolf Track, Apostle Islands, Taquemenon, Yellowstone Special, Hinckley Great Trail, Mackinaw Wilderness

Blake Freking | Finland, MI

Blake and Jennifer own Manitou crossing kennels and enjoy the lifestyle with their two daughters, Nicole and Elena.

Experience: John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Race, Iditarod, Yukon Quest, Race to the Sky, UP 200, Can-Am, Hudson Bay Quest

Jennifer Freking | Finland, MN

Jennifer and Blake Freking own Manitou Crossing Kennels near Finland, MN where they raise and train their Siberian Huskies for competition in long distance sled dog races. Jennifer is a veterinarian at the Ely Veterinary Clinic. She has been raising sled dogs since she was 8 years old, and enjoying sharing her love of animals and outdoors with her family and friends. She would like to wish everyone a safe and wonderful experience in this years Beargrease Races!

Experience: John Beargrease Marathon, John Beargrease Mid-Distance Race, Iditarod, UP 200, Can-Am 250, Hudson Bay Quest

Sponsors:Wintergreen Designs Ely, MN

Martin Massicotte | St-Tite, QC, Canada

From St-Tite in Quebec. When I was 8, I put on our house dog, a big St-Bernard!!! Then, one day, I saw a team of several dogs, and that’s when I realized that I wanted to harness more dogs. As a teenager, I was doing sprint races with 3 dogs and it was only in 1996 that I actually started doing long distance races, racing from 60 miles to 400 miles races in the same year, the Labrador 400. I climbed the ladder and I started winning the Can Am Crown 250 (Fort Kent, Maine) in 1998, then in 2018, I won it for the 9th time, five in a row. I did the race circuit in North East North America, but in 2003 I realized my dream of running the Yukon Quest (1000 miles), where I placed 6th. In 2015, I won the Hudson Bay Quest in Manitoba (220 miles) where I was at my first participation. In the near future, in 2020, I plan to run the famous Iditarod in Alaska. For the Beargrease Marathon, I would like to have a strong team and finish in the top 3. What I like most about dog sledding is to be in the nature, discover new territories and especially to listen to my dogs and to see that we are an amazing team between men and the beast.

Experience: Can Am Crown 250 Miles, Fort Ken Maine – Winner of the last 5 editions, Marquette Michigan (3rd in 2018, 2nd in 2017 and 2016), Yukon Quest 2003 6th position

Sponsors: KANUK and Mush Hi-Tech

Sally Manikian | Shelburne, NH

I always had a lot of conditions for myself and my team to feel prepared to sign up for this race: a cool enough fall in the unpredictable Northeast, finishing ‘one more 250 mile race,’ and the right spirit in the dog team. This fall I felt that right spirit in the dog team, and after doing my homework, and importantly no mushers trying to talk me out of it (and I gave them all ample opportunity!), I’m just thrilled to sign up for this race for the first time. It was either signing up for this race, or handling for my friend Chase in the Copper Basin 300 in Alaska. Sorry, Chase.

Home is the White Mountains of NH, where in addition to the 23 dogs of the kennel, I live with and care for my disabled brother and sister. The name of the kennel is actually a nod to my brother’s favorite TV show, the Golden Girls. A lover of mountains and wilderness, I worked in the backcountry of the White Mountain National Forest for a decade before shifting to a desk job working in land conservation.

Over 10 years ago, I worked for a tour guide company and after a few years of that, I realized I didn’t want someone in the sled anymore, I wanted to be alone on the trail with the dogs. 8 years ago I was able to start my own team with five semi-retired dogs from a friend, and entered my first race that year, a 30 mile race, and within two years entered my first 250 mile race. I love races for the challenge, to learn as much as possible, and to be out in the wilderness with the dogs. What I love the most about training a dog team for these races is building a team ethic.

Thank you my network of community and of support that makes it possible for me to train the team, and leave home for races.

Experience: UP200 (2018, 2017, 2016), and Can Am 250 (2017, 2016, 2015)

Sponsors: Cooper Hill Axe Works , RMC Ironworks LLC, Individual dog sponsors.

Jason Rice | Duluth , MN

Jason first fell in love with sled dog sports by following the Beargrease in the 1980s. Later, as a television news anchor and reporter, he covered the race for several years and developed a deeper understanding and passion for this event. Jason‘s first experience on the runners of the sled during the race came in 2002 as a finisher in the Beargrease mid-distance. He successfully completed the race three times using leased teams. After volunteering for a number of years and serving as president of the Beargrease board of directors (2006-2008 and 2013-2016) he decided to fulfill a “bucket list” dream of running in the full marathon this year. Jason’s Beargrease run is actually part of a much bigger bucket list challenge as he will also be running Grandma’s Marathon, skating in the Northshore Inline Marathon in the fall, and skiing in The American Birkebeiner cross-country ski race. That’s right – 4 full length marathons in four completely different sports! Jason sends his sincere thanks to his family – Shirley, Carter and Logan for their love and support…and his employer – AIRE SERV Heating and Air Conditioning. And a special thanks to Ryan and Erin Redington for inviting him to join them in this amazing mushing adventure!

Experience: Beargrease 120 (Beargrease Mid-Distance Finisher 2002, 2003, 2004)

Sponsors: Aire Serv of Northeastern Minnesota

Damon Ramaker | Fountain, MN

Damon Ramaker is the owner of a small kennel, hailing from the farm country of SE Minnesota where a team of dogs running down the road is met with looks of bewilderment and curiosity. Damon and his VERY supportive wife(Kylie) have three young children, Ruby(9), Lucy(6), and Walter(3) who all enjoy contributing to the care of their team. Damon’s interest in dog powered sports started in skijoring events with his hunting dogs. In 2016 he began drinking the mushing kool aid when he worked as a handler for Cindy Gallea in her most recent Iditarod. He has finished the 2018 Mail Run and Race to the Sky. Damon’s full time occupation is as an emergency room nurse.

Experience: Montana’s Race to the Sky 2018


My husband Ward and I have been running sled dogs for over 25 years. Our kennel is located North of Two Harbors Minnesota. Being a spectator at the Beargrease many years ago got us both hooked on running dogs. Our teacher was Dennis Laboda back then (which makes him to be about 80 years old now) but who is counting?

I am forever indebted to our handlers that return year after year from near and far to entertain other Mushers and Handlers, and really anybody that will listen to them.

Most importantly, I would like to thank all of the Volunteers that make this great race happen!

Experience: Beargrease Marathon 2018, 2017, and 2016

Sponsors: Julie’s Variety, Betty’s Pies, D & D Services, Louise’s Place, Homestead Family Dental, Zups, Two Harbors Towing

Peter McClelland | Ely, MN

Peter McClelland runs White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures in Isabella MN. We race as a sideline to our tours. I have been gone from the Marathon for the past 3 years and am looking forward to getting on the trail.

Experience: Beargrease Marathon 2015

Beargrease 120

Lynne Witte | McMillan, MI

Retired from teacher after 40 years in a primary classroom now to train and work with sled dogs. I compete in marathon canoes throughout United States and Canada. Currently serving as president of the Michigan Canoe Racing Association.

Experience: Midnight Run, CopperDog80, Yukon Quest 300, 2018 Beargrease Mid Distance

Sponsors: DogBooties.com

Dusty Klaven | Togo, MN

I am returning for my 8th Mid Distance Beargrease, the dogs and I are super pumped to test our skills and training this year. I am a 30 year old musher living in Togo MN, with a 30 dog kennel. I enjoy the relationship I have with my dogs and value what they teach me, both in the kennel and on the trail. Currently, I work as part of the bar staff at Fortune Bay Resort Casino. I’d like to thank my sponsors WanderLust Essentials LLC, Fortune Bay Resort Casino, Barn Yarns and my awesome handlers. We got this!

Experience: John Beargrease Mid-Distance, Tahquamen, Mid-Night Run, White Oak Classic, Apostle Islands, Wolf Track Classic

Sponsor: WanderLust Essentials LLC, Fortune Bay Resort Casino, Barn Yarns

Alex LaPlante | Esko, MN

Alex has been running dogs for Maple Ridge Kennel for the last nine years. She has participated in the Beargrease Mid several times. She loves playing with the dogs and the puppies.

Experience: John Beargrease Mid-Distance Race

Darcy Stanley-Nord | Milaca, MN

Teacher by day musher by night. Gonna play with the big kids this year if we can get in the training(fingers crossed) This race continues to be a favorite. Its the race that I can see all my musher friends and hero’s all together in the same room. Looking forward to another great race.

Experience: John Beargrease Recreational Class Race, Wolf track classic, Winter Warrior, Apostle Island, Mid-MN, White Oak classic, City of Lakes Loppet

Travis Vanderhoof | Shell Lake, WI

I live in Shell lake Wisconsin with my wife and seven kids. My wife and I have 23 Alaskan huskies in our kennel. I grew up racing sled dogs with my dad and sister, and now enjoy racing with my wife and kids. I also enjoy camping, hunting and fishing with my family. And in my free time I enjoy helping my mom and dad on the family farm.

Martha Schouweiler | Irma, WI

Martha and son Chad have been having fun with sled dogs since 2003. The Otter Run kennel is home to 20 Alaskan Huskies where the goal is year round fun. Martha is looking forward to her 12th Beargrease Mid-distance. Grandma of five beautiful granddaughters, her biggest fans.

Experience: John Beargrease Mid-Distance Race, Many midwest races over the last 15 years.

Joanna Oberg | Grand Marais, MN

I recently moved from northwestern Ontario to be a seasonal (in the winter months) resident of Grand Marais, MN. We will be returning to Canada to operate our fishing/hunting camp during the summer months. Having just started a new business and just moved… we are also commuting close to 40 minutes each way every day to where our dogs our located with some wonderful people! The things we do for the love of our dogs! All part of the adventure 🙂 Looking forward to running the Beargrease trail again!

Sponsors: Agimac River Outfitters (Ignace Ontario), Home Hardware (Dryden Ontario)

Brian Bergen | Sioux Lookout, ON, Canada

I live in northwestern Ontario. I do property management for a living. Which gives me time to train and enjoying my dogs. This is my fifth year doing middle distance raising. I have done the mail run, Beargrease, midnight run, Ely raise, my favourite is the Beargrease.

Ryan Beaber | Mountain, WI

This will be my second Beargrease Mid distance race. Me and my Daughter Kelsey have been racing for 3 years now and Kiana my 11 year old is joining us on some of the races we are doing this year. Sled dogs is my second full time job. I am a Lake/Vacation home builder in the northwoods of Wisconsin. We live on 63 acres on the top side of the Crocker Hills in Lily WI. It is a great life.

Rita Wehseler | Tofte, MN

I have been running dogs for over 20 years. I currently have 36 dogs in my kennel.

Andrea DeBoer | Grand Marais , MN

My name is Andrea DeBoer, I live in Grand Marais, MN with my husband and 3 children. Together we own and operate Amarok Kennel. This is my second year entering the Beargrease and we are looking forward to a great year.

Amy Flakne | Maple Lake, MN

I live in Maple Lake, MN with my husband Mark and 3 kids. We have a kennel of 22 sled dogs. I have been working with sled dogs since 2010 and cannot imagine a life without them! I have handled for the Beargrease mid distance several times, but this will be my first time on the runners. I want to thank all of the race supporters and volunteers for the opportunity to run a race on Minnesota’s beautiful north shore.

Arlene Duff 

My name is Arlene. Grew up in northern MN. Watched sled dog races in Bemidji as a youngster and said “some day I am going to do that! 25 years later bought my first two dogs. Ran some sprint races, mush for a cure, vouageurs, wolftrack classic but mainly just enjoy the dogs recreationally. Always dreamed of running the Beargrease…so…here,s hoping the training pays off for a safe and fun journey 😊

Kevin Mathis | Monona, MN

I live in northeast Iowa with my wife Tera and three boys, Kashton, Holden and Lincoln. In the five years since the first 4 dogs, my kennel has grown to over 20. I enjoy the adventure of mushing and the beauty of winter along with the joy of the dog team.

Experience: Beargrease/Mid, UP200/MNR, Copperdog 150

Sponsors: Jet’s Meat Processing and Smitty’s Oil & Tire

Jerry Papke | Kingston, MI

My name is Jerry Papke and and I have twelve sled dogs in training this 2019 season, my kennel size is around 30 k9’s I’ve been racing for around 20 years and have yet to win the Beargrease 😀. I have a team of 3 year olds that can hopefully be competitive. While I run Beargrease I will be missing the two loves of my life, Maichen, my daughter and Jesse, my son, who won’t be able to be there.

Joann Fortier | Gaylord, MI

This is my 19th race season. We have 40 dogs in our kennel. I have raced Beargrease mid, Copper Dog, Midnight Run, Apostle Islands, Ironline, Tahquamenon and many other races over the years. Our kennel hasn’t raced the Beargrease since 2011. It will be fun to come back and run the trail.

Ryan Anderson | St. Croix Falls, WI

My wife, daughter and I have about 40 dogs in our kennel. We had our first daughter, Alivia, this past summer. I have been racing all over the USA and Canada since 1992. This past summer we moved ourselves and the kennel to WI. We are looking forward to another race reason.

Sponsor: Mushers Brand Dog Food

Andre Duval | Brainerd, MN

My name is Andre Duval, from Brainerd, MN. My family has been racing dogs for 19 years. I have been racing dogs since I was five years old. I’ve only raced sprint-style racing. This will be my first mid-distance race. My father has been running dogs since he was 9 years old, and my sisters have raced as well. I enjoy providing a “bucket-list” experience for visitors from all over the world, to the Brainerd Lakes Area, via dogsled rides. I also enjoy taking my team to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for overnight camping and fishing excursions.

Kevin Vandenbussche | Moosonee, ON, Canada

I am the owner of a young kennel and the dad of a young family. Most of our dogs are born and raised in our kennel in the loving and playful company of our kids. I have raced other people’s teams in the past but this will the first year of racing with our own dogs.

Robert Louters | Hollandale, MN

I started running dogs 7 years ago and it has been a learning experience. Working with dogs is challenging and provides a great way to learn more about your dog and about yourself too.. It has provided for a lot of good times with my kids who I have to thank for being great at sharing all the work that comes with dogs. I also want to thank my wife Lois for her encouragement and support. Also a special thanks to Chad Deyoung and his family for helping us with handling again this year for Beargrease. It will be fun to get on this great trail again. Thanks to all who make this race a reality every year!

Beargrease 120 Junior Class

Julia Cross | Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

My name is Julia Cross and i am 16. I have been mushing dogs since i was 5 years old. I love anything with dogs, and one day want to run the Iditarod. I also enjoy cross country running, dog agility, and hiking. I am very thankful for all my sponsors, without them i wouldn’t be able to run this fabulous race!!

Experience: John Beargrease Junior Class Race, John Beargrease Recreational Class Race, Mid Minnesota 2017, Dog Days of Winter

Sponsors: Gear Up for Outdoors, Georges Market, Nutrisource Dog Food, Northern Ontario Sportsman Alliance, K&S Contracting, Milanis Outdoor Fabric

Kelsey Beaber | Mountain, WI

My name is Kelsey Beaber and I just turned 13 in August. This will be my first Beargrease race. I have raced the Midnight run out of Marquette MI, Taquamenon 30 mile and this year the 40 mile in Newberry MI, Copper Dog 80 twice in Calumet and the Apostle islands twice. My Dad races too but I beat him most of the time. Me and my dad are going to Alaska this year to watch our friend Blair Braverman run the Iditarod. Winter is definitly my favorite time of the year.

Nicole Grangroth | Menahga, MN

My name is Nicole Grangroth and I am 16 years old. I live in Menahga, MN and I have been running dogs for almost 4 years. I have many great mentors including Janet Bahe and Jamie Nelson. This will be my second year running the mid-distance Jr. Beagrease and I am excited to run the trail with my dogs! A huge thank you to Smokey Hills Outdoor Store for sponsoring me and my team this race season, we couldn’t do it without you!

Experience: Jr. John Beargrease, Rec class John Beargrease, Apostle Island Sled Dog Race, Mid-Minnesota

Sponsor: Smokey Hills Outdoor Store

Samuel Louters | Hollandale, MN

I first ran our family malamute on an old sled my dad had in the shed when I was 8. We bought a few old retired dogs a year later. Every year I do this I learn more about dogs and about myself. I really enjoy the time I spend training with my dogs.

Ero Wallin | Two Harbors, MN

I am a sophomore at William Kelly High school in Silver Bay. When I’m not playing sports, I enjoy small and big game hunting, especially waterfowl and bear .I like fishing by dog team in BWCA at “secret lakes”. I will be running our yearlings.

Sponsors: Louise’s Place, D & D Services, Julie’s True Value Hardware, VanHouse Construction, Two Harbors Towing, Homestead Family Dental, Betty’s Pies, Zups, MMT Heating and Cooling


Alice White | Ely, MN

I have been running dogs for a number of years and handled and raced with Manitou Crossing Kennels for multiple seasons before branching off to build my own team. I currently have a small kennel of Siberian huskies in Ely, Minnesota, where I work as a veterinary technician.

Experience: John Beargrease Mid-Distance Race, John Beargrease Rec Race, UP 200, Wolftrack Classic, Apostle Islands, Casper Mountain

Nick Turman | Two Harbors, MN

Nick has been running the Beargrease races since 1992. He has also run the Apostle Islands race, Mid-Minnesota, Esslinger, and the Grand Portage race.

Experience: Beargrease Mid Distance, Beargrease Marathon, Apostle Island, UP200 and Midnight Run.

Carlie Beatty | Lakeville, MN

Carlie Beatty, from Lakeville, Minnesota, will be competing in her first Beargrease! Also running the race for the first time will be her identical twin sister, Chloe! Both girls have been running sleddogs since the second grade and finally convinced their parents to collect enough sleddogs to run rec races. Carlie is also a competitive gymnast so maybe her balance will help her out to pull out a nice Beargrease finish!

Chloe Beatty | Lakeville, MN

This is the first Beargrease for Chloe and her twin sister, Carlie! The twins have not only done well in sprint races with their retired teams of sleddogs, but they’ve also dog-handled for the Berington Twins in the 2015 Iditarod. Both girls will be competing in collegiate gymnastics next year so they are very excited to compete in the Beargrease this year! A special thanks to Rita Wehelsler for guiding and entrusting the girls!

Talia Martens | Brule, WI

Talia Martens, an 18 year old senior at Northwestern High School, was born and raised in Brule, WI on a hobby farm and has been running dogs since before she had walk. She started racing at the age of 9 and as the years progressed and her knowledge of dog mushing grew, her dreams got bigger. In 2018, she traveled to Alaska to run the Jr. Iditarod. She would like to thank everyone who supported her through that wild, amazing journey and greatly appreciates their generosity.

Shannon Cummings | Duluth, MN

I have been involved with sled dogs since 2014-2015 when I handled for my now wife Mallory (Sturmer). I have spent the last three seasons training and racing a small kennel including CopperDog 80, Apostle Island 6 dog and sprint racing last season. I enjoy being out with my dogs daily free running, canicross, bikejoring as well as team training. Running the Beargrease has been a goal I have with my team. Looking forward to the excitement and energy of the race as much as being around other mushers. Mallory and her dad Matt have been very generous with their time helping me train. I would not be doing this without the benefit of their knowledge and support.

Kari Vanderhoof | Shell Lake, WI

My name is Kari, I dreamed of sled dogs since I was a young girl! Since getting back into running dogs from being a mom of 7, I am ready to race and have some fun.


Andrew Watson | Ann Arbor, MI

Born and raised in the suburbs of Ann Arbor, MI, I came to the Copper Country in 2016 perusing a Chemical Engineering degree at Michigan Technological University. Since then, I have experienced an amazing life adventure that has all led to this moment. I never thought of mushing as a possibility, but ever since that big move three years ago, I know that anything can happen. Getting to know the sport and the teams has been an incredible experience and I can’t wait to see it through.

Sponsors: Undergraduate Student Government at Michigan Tech, Michigan Tech Alumni and Friends, Otter River Sled Dog Training Center.

Ben Nicolson | Duluth, MN

I’m a Duluth native that has been studying for the last two years at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI. I have always had great interest in mushing, but it wasn’t until I got involved with the Mushing Club at Michigan Tech that I got the opportunity to get on a sled. Through the club, I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a musher in all aspects, from riding the sled to dog care. I plan to stay involved with the club while I remain at Tech then continue mushing after I graduate!

Sponsors: Undergraduate Student Government at Michigan Tech, Michigan Tech Alumni and Friends, Otter River Sled Dog Training Center.

Linus Meyer | Melrose, MN

Linus Meyer & his wife, Ileta operate Grove Trotters kennel which is located in Grove Township in central Minnesota near Meire Grove. The kennel consists of 17 Alaskan huskies with five retired and three semi-retired. Linus is a former dairy farmer and also retired from a career in soil & water conservation. Linus has been mushing dogs for over 20 years.

Neal Seeger | Detroit Lakes, MN

Neal Seeger , Detroit Lakes , Minnesota , Mushing since 1992 , 30 dogs in kennel of Huskies Run , We have seen many races come and go over the years and have helped put on races for 15 years along with presenting to school children and Scouting programs in our area . This year I have the opportunity to have two Juniors , Hunter and Logan helping in the kennel and in training , they will have the chance to race dogs in less demanding events this winter . It’s been fun working with these youngster’s and living in their excitement .

Sponsor: Neal Seeger Construction LLC

Morgan McClelland | Ely, MN

My name is Morgan McClelland and I am from Ely, Minnesota. And what I hope to get out of my race this year is a time a place and memories hopefully good ones. But what I hope to see is smart, and grand dogs lead on throughout the day, because the race is part musher but mainly dogs.

Ann Stead | Duluth, MN

I’ve been involved with sled dogs for over 40 years. Breeding, raising pups, training and racing our Northome Siberian Huskies has been my lifestyle forever! I’ve raced all sprint classes and middle distance events. I mostly enjoy being in the woods with my dog team both in the fall on the ATV and winter on a sled. I teach Mushing Boot Camp with Jamie Nelson where I get the opportunity to help others enjoy our sport. I also compete in agility with my Australian Shepherds.

Brenna Grangroth | Menahga, MN

My name is Brenna Grangroth and I’m 15 years old. I’ve been running dogs for 4 years now. I enjoy spending time with my dogs and with my family. I’d like to say a huge thank you to my mentor Janet Bahe and everyone who has helped me with the sport of dog sledding. Without you guys, I would not have known about dog sledding in the first place. Can’t wait for this race season to begin!

Experience: Beargrease 40, Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race, Mid-Minnesota

Warren Turman | Duluth, MN

I have been associated with dog mushing for many years, mostly handling for my brother Nick Turman, who in his generosity has made it possible for me and many others to run many rec races and running dogs for pure enjoyment. I am happy that Team Turman will be on a Beargrease trail racing together this year!

Betsy Ingram-Diver | Cloquet, MN

Have been training dogs for 25 years, and this is our last year, so want to get in one Beargrease before we are done! Have run smaller races like the Mid-MN and the old Solon Springs Race.

David Gordon | Duluth, MN

My wife Jill, and I live in Duluth and have 5 children and 6 grandchildren between us. We have a very busy life between work and our love for our family and 4 legged friends. I have been enjoying running sled dogs for 35 years now. I am always humbled by the wonderful relationship between the dogs and I. I have ran the Beargrease multiple times when time allows for adequate training.

We are very grateful to all of the Beargrease organization, sponsors and volunteers for providing the opportunity and privilege of enjoying this adventure.

Hanna Tiura | Calumet, MI

Hanna Tiura is 15 years old and races out of Team Upland Racing in Calumet, MI. She has previously raced in the TCSDR, Jack Pine 30 and CopperDog40. Her leaders are Rainy and Zephyr. This will be her first time racing on the North Shore.

Tim Chisholm | North Branch, MN

I am married, with two grown children, and five grandchildren. I have been retired 4+ years and have spent time with my dog – weight pulling, winter camping with dogs, mushing, and racing since around 1989! I have met a lot of great people over the years: mushers, handlers, race officials, volunteers, and anyone who just loves being with the good LORD’S greatest gift to man: DOGS!!!!

Jonathan Ward | Duluth, MN

This is my first Beargrease. I have been running dogs for 6 years and have been racing for 5 years.

Jim Ward | Duluth, MN

I have been running dogs for six years. I started as a handler for Ten Squared racing and training puppies. I enjoy the puppies the most watching them develop.