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Blake Freking

Blake Freking

Finland, MN

Blake Freking is a two-time Beargrease Marathon Champion and is a veteran of the Iditarod, Yukon Quest, Hudson Bay Quest, UP 200, Can-Am 250, Race to the Sky and other races. Blake and Jennifer Freking own Manitou Crossing Kennels near Finland, MN, where they raise and train their Siberian Huskies for competition in long distance sled dog races. Blake has also been training a team of Alaskan Huskies for Nature’s Kennel of MI for the last couple of seasons. Their daughters, Elena and Nicole, share their passion for sled dogs and enjoy training, racing, and caring for their dogs. Blake is an Engineer and Air Tanker Base Manager for the USFS.

What other races have you completed to qualify for the marathon?

Iditarod and Beargrease Champion 2004 and 2019

How many lead dogs in your team?


Who are your dog handlers?

Michaela Jutewicz

What is your age as of Jan 25, 2020?


Kennel name

Manitou Crossing Kennel

How can people find you on social media?

Manitou Crossing Kennels OR http://www.racingsiberians.com

Rig size


Who are your sponsors?

Howling Dog Alaska, Wintergreen Northern wear

What inspired you to start running sled dogs and how old were you when you started?

The history of sled dogs got me interested originally.