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Meet the 2022

BG Marathon Katherine L

Katherine Langlais

Glenwood, New Brunswick

Animals have always been apart of my life. I have always worked with and around either dogs or horses and they never cease to inspire me. I have always been drawn to northern landscapes. Some people dream of sandy beaches, I dream of snowy adventures. Dog sledding for me merges everything that is important to me, discipline, honesty, hard work and perseverance. There is nothing I rather do then be out training my dogs. It’s indescriptable to explain. My partner and I have a kennel of 35 dogs together and we motivate each other to reach our respective goals. We have one daughter, Marianne, who has been raised in our mushing world and we believe raising her in such an environment brings on very important values in her life. We can’t wait to live the Beargrease experience!

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I have always been lured to being with and around animals and work with them. I rode in my first dog sled and the age of 7 years old and that was the beginning of the dream. At 15 I adopted my first retired lead dog Saka and got into monodog sports. I met my partner at a tourism kennel 14 years ago and we have had dogs ever since!

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What a sled dog looks forward to most after a long day of racing is a nice bed of straw! But guess what happened at last year’s race? Someone stole all our straw right before the race start! Thankfully, great fans like you helped us out during the final hour to provide this vital supply for our amazing dogs.

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