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Lynne Witte

Lynne Witte

Lexington, MN

Being outdoors in Michigan has been a passion of mine. I enjoy canoeing and racing canoes competitively. I have competed in races throughout Michigan, New York and Canada. During my canoeing years, I have been a member of the United States Canoe Association Board of Directors and currently serve as president of the Michigan Canoe Racing Association. After completing 40 years as an elementary school teacher, I retired to pursue my passion for sled dogs. I was able to train and race throughout the winter season. In 2017 I enjoyed completing the Yukon Quest 300. I enjoy training and running my 11 Alaskan huskies.

What other races have you completed to qualify for the marathon?

Yukon Quest 300, CopperDog150 and Midnight Run- Marquette

How many lead dogs in your team?


Who are your dog handlers?

Scott Carroll

What is your age as of Jan 25, 2020?


Kennel name


How can people find you on social media?

Lynne Witte

Rig size

About 40 feet

Who are your sponsors?


What inspired you to start running sled dogs and how old were you when you started?

I enjoy the winter and outdoors. In 2000, I went to the Iditarod as a teacher and traveled to Nome. In 2004, I bought my first dog, Xena, to skijor and have been excited training and running teams.