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Martha Schouweiler

Martha Schouweiler

Irma, WI

Martha will email a bio in shortly- she needs a minute to gather her thoughts and doesn’t appreciate me putting her on the spot like this. She is a 4x Mid Champion and the current BG 40 champ. We’ll be giving her a team of unguided missiles again this year.

What other races have you completed to qualify for the marathon?

How many lead dogs in your team?


Who are your dog handlers?

Chad and T-Boone

What is your age as of Jan 25, 2020?


Kennel name

Otter Run Kennel

Who are your sponsors?

Several wonderful friends sponsor individual dogs

What inspired you to start running sled dogs and how old were you when you started?

A trip to Alaska when I was 15 inspired me but I didn’t get started racing until 2003 with my son Chad.