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Rita Wehseler

Rita Wehseler

Tofte, MN

My Name is Rita Wehsler. My husband, Bill, and I own Stoney Creek Kennels, and we’ve on the beautiful north shore of Lake Superior. I have been running dogs for over 25 years.

What other races have you completed to qualify for the marathon?

Beargrease Marathon

How many lead dogs in your team?


Who are your dog handlers?

Chris Johnson Gary Gagnon

What is your age as of Jan 25, 2020?


Kennel name

Stoney Creek Kennels

Rig size

Full size truck

Who are your sponsors?

Lang’s Feeds, Canine Health Forward, Claire Seekins and Chris Johnson

What inspired you to start running sled dogs and how old were you when you started?

My friend Paul Ellering got me hooked when I was 27.