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BG 120 Ryan M

Ryan Miller

Cook, MN

I moved to Cook, MN in 2016 and got into mushing shortly after.  I worked for the Forest Service for many years as a Wildland Firefighter in the summer, and in the winter ran dogs for them, mostly hauling freight into the boundry waters and clearing trails. I currently work as a Natural Resources Instructor at Vermilion Community College in Ely, but still get the dogs into the Boundry Waters for fishing and camping as much as possible. I have an 9-year-old daughter, Annalee,  and a 7-year-old son, Ellis, who tag along with me on many of our trips. Annalee started her racing career in 2020 and Ellis hopes to do the same this year. My girlfriend, Ashley, is the other half of Lost Lake Racing. Hope to see you all at the race!

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Lost Lake Racing


I was about 30 when I started with sled dogs. I moved to Minnesota from Idaho and heard about a bunch of dog mushers in the area. I thought that sounded like fun, so I got 2 sled dogs, did some bicycle running, and 5 years later I have a kennel of 20 dogs and run as much as possible.

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These dogs simply are the best – and we want to be able to continue treating them that way! Donations from fans like you make that possible. Would you find it in your heart to help us out? No amount is too small in sled dog world!

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