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BG Marathon Sarah K

Sarah Keefer

Burnsville, MN

Every one of my most memorable adventures have involved these three elements: wilderness, friendship, and a hilarious blunder. One time my family and I were lost in the Yellowstone front country. Since we were lost Dad was driving fast to catch back up to where we should have been which was too fast for me to read the road signs and navigate so we got more lost! We nearly ran out of gas, but finally made it to the exit for our campground, which was closed and locked until the next morning. We spent the eeriest hours of pre-dawn parked just off trail, surrounded by bison, the Milky Way galaxy, and not-so-distant wolf-song. I logged other memorable adventures while studying Wildlife Biology in Fairbanks, Alaska; leading expedition hikes in Costa Rica and Southeast Alaska; and enduring a wildlife safari in Uganda, Africa.

Dog sledding definitely checks all the memorable adventure boxes. Wilderness? Check. Friendship? Check. Dogs and people? Check! Blunders? Well I’d like to say every run was a magic carpet ride, but that wouldn’t be very memorable! How about that time I took a wrong turn? The time it was -20 and I lost my fur hat on the trail? The time I frost-bit my cornea? Oh, those were all in the same race! See? Hilarious! I’m looking forward to another season of adventures training and racing with Ryan and our Redington Mushing dogs! When I’m not on the trail, I enjoy relaxing with my favorite Siberian, Sky, and our mushing family and friends.


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When I was in high school, my friend’s dad made a dog sled out of 2x4s, some plywood, and a pair of old skis. We would mush the family dogs around town, up and down the sidewalks, and through the parks! My Siberian husky, Sky, loves the snow but doesn’t mush, so we went to see the pros race in the Beargrease Marathon a few years ago. That’s when I really got started running dogs!

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