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Carlie Beatty

Carlie Beatty

Lakeville, MN

Carlie is from Lakeville Minnesota where she has a small kennel with her parents and twin sister.  Carlie ran her first Beargrease in 2019.  Carlie is currently in college where she is a member of the gymnastic team and plans to become a veterinarian.  This year she will be running a team from Rita Wehlsler’s kennel,

What other races have you completed to qualify for the marathon?

How many lead dogs in your team?

Who are your dog handlers?

What is your age as of Jan 25, 2020?

Kennel name

Stoney Creek Kennels

Who are your sponsors?

Langs Feeds, Canine Health Forward, Claire Seekins and Chris Johnson

What inspired you to start running sled dogs and how old were you when you started?