We welcome our Beargrease 120 Junior Class mushers to one of the most challenging, but rewarding, races in the lower 48 states. Please review our rules before registration opens for the 2019 race.

This information will be updated for the 2019 season soon. Please check back.
Welcome to the 2018 running of the Junior Beargrease. We are delighted to have you and your dogs join our event. In preparation for this race you need to thoroughly read through the rules. Any questions that should arise please let us know. You must also fill out our liability release, which can be found to the right as a downloadable PDF to print and sign. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the skills necessary to compete in this race and that you and your dogs are both mentally and physically prepared for the race. The 2018 Junior Race, will be incorporated into the Mid-Distance Race – a race within a race. You will compete against other Junior teams for special awards. You will run the same trails, under the same rules as mid distance teams. You will need to be able to travel the trail, follow trail markers and cross roads safely and effectively. While there will be volunteers to help you cross the roads you need to be able to keep your dogs under control.

While you are allowed handler’s at the checkpoint the care of your dogs is your responsibility. You need to practice checkpoint procedures both for your benefit and your dogs. Make sure you know how to identify when a dog is hurt or not feeling well. You will have a vet check over your team at the Caribou Trail checkpoint. They are here to help you and feel free to bring up any concerns or questions you have. We look forward to seeing you and your dogs this January

There will be an awards banquet and musher meeting at the Finland Rec Center. Times will be announced at the pre race meeting. We look forward to seeing you and your dogs this January.

Registration for the junior race has closed January 15, 2018.

You may download the race rules PDF below or read it online by using the PDF viewer below.




View 2019 Beargrease Junior Class Rules Below

2019 Beargrease 120 Junior Class Rules