Snow update

01/02/24 —– 40th running postponed to 01/26/25


For Immediate Press Release:
RE: John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon 2024 Race

January 2, 2024

After months of waiting for the weather to cooperate, the Board of Directors for the John
Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon has made the decision to postpone the 40th running to January
26, 2025. This was not an easy decision. But with concerns over the weather, safety of the
dogs, mushers and volunteers it was the only decision that we felt comfortable with.
There have been many discussions about postponing to a later date this winter but the weather is unpredictable. Likewise, in the effort to find a postponement date and in the spirit of
sportsmanship, there was not another date that didn’t impede on another established race.
The Beargrease will continue to have several fundraising events so stay tuned to our socials and website for how you can continue to support this amazing race that we all love so much.



Northern Minnesota is experiencing near record low snowfall this winter. The board is closely monitoring the situation and is actively planning for scenarios and will update on 01/02/24.

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