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Being part of the Beargrease is being part of something bigger. It’s about keeping history alive and celebrating the tenacity of the human–and canine–spirit.

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Sled dogs can burn anywhere from 14,000-17,000 calories a day — caloric equivalent to 25 burgers! Our mushers care for their athletes on a profoundly deep level. From the moment a puppy is born, they are nurtured by both the musher and the team on how to behave and be part of the pack.

A musher will tell you, “You can’t force a dog to pull”.  So if a dog isn’t diggin’ the running scene, they aren’t on the team–but that is rarely the case. The moment one of these athletes sees a harness or a sled–they know it’s time for some fun. 

If you want to witness a pure adrenaline rush–meet us on the starting line!!  There’s a reason we have millions and millions of impressions and an overly high engagement rate with our fans — the infectious enthusiasm of the canine athletes is something you need to witness firsthand. 

At the Beargrease, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.  Every sponsorship can be crafted in a way to meet your branding or business goals.  Talk to us today and become part of our Beargrease Family. 

$1,500 – Swing Dog Sponsor
12 Available (WDIO Promotional Package along with your logo included in select race events and coverage). 
$2,500 – Wheel Dog Sponsor
8 Available (WDIO Ad & Promotional Package along with your logo included in select race events and coverage).
$5,000 – Lead Dog Sponsor
5 Available (WDIO Ad & Promotional Package along with your logo included in race events and coverage.)
$12,000 Canine Care Sponsor

2 Available (Customized WDIO Ad & Promotional Package along with your logo prominently included in race events and coverage.)

Start, Finish and GPS Tracker Packages are also available with a highly customized advertising and race plan package.  

Beargrease Sponsorship Levels

Beargrease Sponsorship Levels are customized to your brand and business goals.

Major Sponsorships such as GPS Tracking and Starting Lines are still available–pricing available by contacting 
$6,000 | Canine Care Sponsor |  
$4,000 | Lead Dog Sponsor |
$2,500 | Swing Dog Sponsor |
$1,500 | Kennel Club Sponsor |
$500 | Gang Line Sponsor |

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