What is Trail Mail?

Trail Mail carries on the tradition of John Beargrease. Commemorative envelopes are created by local artists for this historic event. Each musher is sworn in as an official U.S. mail carrier, and takes the letters to a post office at the end of the trail, just as John Beargrease did more than 100 years ago. When used to send mail via dog sled, it becomes treasured by the receiver and highly collectible.

How do I send Trail Mail?

  • Purchase your John Beargrease Sled Dog Commemorative envelope(s).
  • Write a letter to a relative, friend, or even yourself! Place the letter in the commemorative envelope and address it.
  • Attach sufficient postage to the envelope and return it to the Beargrease office. (Beargrease Trail Mail, PO Box 16506, Duluth, MN 55816)

Where does Trail Mail go?

  • Your commemorative envelope will be signed by a musher mail carrier and receive a stamped cancellation which reads “carried by dog sled.”
  • Trail Mail will be distributed to musher mail carriers before leaving Duluth.
  • Your mail will be carried by dog sled along the historic Beargrease trail to a predetermined pick-up point where they will then enter the regular mail stream!


Trail Mail sales have closed


You will be sent directions with your envelopes but you can also view them here:2021 trail mail instructions

The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon is not responsible for loss due inaccurate or incomplete addresses, failure to follow these guidelines and instructions. There will be no refunds. If you have questions, please email education@beargrease.com or call 218-461-1834